When medication
just isn't enough.

Our tVNS® stimulation device helps thousands of patients to go through their everyday lives without being held back by pain and restrictions.

tVNS® can relieve symptoms of sympathovagal imbalance.
tVNS® is easy to use, small as a smartphone and can easily be integrated in everyday life.
tVNS® is an additional therapy to the existing medication with few side effects and without surgery.
With the tVNS® Patient App you can track your treatment and share data with your doctor.

tVNS® is a medical device for the treatment of symptoms of sympathovagal imbalance and was specially developed for patients who are not free of symptoms despite drug therapy.

Special nerve fibers are activated by gentle electrical impulses (neurostimulation) via an ear electrode on the ear. The user can determine the intensity of the impulses themself.

tVNS® has been used by thousands of patients and is a treatment with very few side effects.

tVNS® stimulates the branch of the vagus nerve in the auricle through the skin with gentle electrical impulses. Signals are passed on to the brain via special nerve fibers: first in the brain stem and then in higher centers.

The treatment with tVNS® is applied by patients independently. It can easily be integrated into everyday life.

With the innovative tVNS® patient app, you can track your treatment at any time and share your data with your doctor. In addition, the tVNS® patient app enables us to continuously improve our technology and optimize your treatment.

The tVNS® patient app is available now in the Google Play Store and in the Apple App Store (EU-only).

With the pioneering treatment of neurostimulation, our stimulation device tVNS® helps thousands of patients to lead a self-determined life and gives them significantly more pain-free days.

"It's wonderful that with tVNS® I have found a therapy option that makes me feel better without needing surgery."

Katja S. from Munich

tVNS® L is approved for the treatment of the following indications:

When medication
just isn't enough.