Frequently asked questions

No. tVNS® L is very easy to use and can be set up without a doctor using the instructions for use.

No. You can schedule the stimulation according to your personal daily routine.

Results of clinical trials show that daily use of tVNS® L can lead to a significant reduction in your symptoms within a month.
The effects can appear within a few days but also after several weeks. It’s important that you stimulate 4 hours a day for at least 3 months in order to see if the device is working for you.

tVNS® is a therapy alternative with few side effects. Possible side effects include itching, abnormal sensations in the area of the outer auricle and local pain at the stimulation site. In rare cases, parasympathetic side effects such as nausea and an increase in headaches can also be observed. These side effects usually subside quickly after the stimulation is stopped.

Yes, tVNS® L can be combined with other therapies: You can also take your tried and tested medication or use other therapies if necessary. You should discuss further details with your doctor.
Therapy with tVNS® Lis an independent therapy that can also be combined with other therapies. The best way to make a decision on whether to stop taking your medication or reduce it is with your doctor.

The device must not be used in the following cases:

  • Pregnant women are excluded from therapy with tVNS® L.
  • People with active implants (e.g. cochlear implant, vagus nerve stimulator, cardiac pacemaker) are not allowed to use tVNS® L
  • Electrodes must not be placed on wounds or diseased skin areas.
  • People with cerebral shunts (e.g. for the therapy of hydrocephalus) are excluded from therapy with tVNS® L.

Yes, tVNS® L can, in principle, be used from approx. 6 years of age.

Treatment with tVNS® L is currently not covered by health insurances. However, there is the possibility of receiving a reimbursement on a case-by-case basis – so please try to submit the application to the health insurance company. This application will be made by the doctor together with you. Doctors will be provided with appropriate forms by us.